Investment To Increase Sales
Investment For Professional Appointment Setting. In terms of pricing, your investment for professional appointment setting services is $50 per hour. In addition, there is a one-time $500 setup fee for developing your campaign strategy, customizing your campaign, writing your script, identifying the 5 most common objections, developing rebuttals, understanding your competition, identifying your company’s FAQ’s, determining your value proposition, determining your available schedule, matching the appropriate Professional Appointment Setter to your account, dedicating a Project Manager to your account and creating additional guidelines.  For the initial pilot project, we will gladly use a list that you might provide or we can provide a list for your project. If you were to decide to work with us, we would request a minimum payment for 60 hours, depending upon your project, plus the setup fees.  Once we receive your payment, we begin the process of launching your project, which could take three weeks or less.
Minimum Commitment. In terms of the agreement, we request a 60-hour minimum commitment. Our mission is to serve you at all times and to produce quality results. Therefore, you are not locked into your contract with us. You may stop at anytime. We offer you a clause in our agreement that allows you to break our agreement at any point in time, for non-performance, at will, or for any reason whatsoever and you would receive any unspent monies minus your initial setup fees. After the initial hours, you may scale up or down in terms of hours. Some of our clients select multiple Professional Appointment Setters utilizing a large block of hours on a project, while others select 30, 60 or more hours per month. You may tailor the amount of hours that fits your budget and your appointment setting needs. We are interested in developing long-term relationships with our clients. We are confident in our performance.

Monthly Or Recurring Database Administrative Fee.

After the first initial pilot project, we charge $100 per month for the ongoing analysis and delivery of market intelligence reflected within your working database, as well as, our daily reporting. With this modest fee, we will not only customize, organize and tag records that lead us to the greatest return; we will also move away from market segments that have proven to be unsuccessful in driving results. For example, a daily database analysis from a call report may show a pattern or market trend that yielded more appointments or presentations to decision makers in a revenue size of $20M to $50M or employee size from 100–500 employees, or a vertical market penetration in the Pharmaceutical Industry or a specific zip code. As a result, we would tag records, organize the database and target our cold calling efforts on those groups that yielded the greatest results. In addition, you can count on us to consistently build your pipeline, capitalize on the opportunities within the database and search to continually uncover the market’s response to your offer. This list management becomes critical after months or years of having us manage your list, territory and database to avoid the duplication of efforts and to maximize your results. The extra attention to detail and time we devote to your database administration pays dividends in setting quality appointments.

Summary of Pricing.

·         $50 per hour

·         Minimum commitment of 60 hours to get started

·         One-time $500 setup fee for developing your campaign strategy and customization

·         Total investment is $3,500.00 for initial 60 hours

·         $100 monthly or recurring database administration fee, along with our daily reporting, after the initial 60 hours

·         Can break our initial 60-hour agreement at any point in time

·         Require payment in advance by check, wire or funds transfer

·         Require three weeks to prepare and launch your campaign


Next Step. The choice, of course, is yours. Please keep in mind: “Decisions are the doorway to change. Change starts from a moment of decision. One decision can change your business forever.” We are ready to move ahead when you are!

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