Satisfaction Guarantee

Do You Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee? Yes, we do. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our professional appointment setting services, for non-performance or any reason whatsoever, we will stop your campaign and return any unspent monies minus the setup fees. This guarantee emanates from our governing values and principles. We operate with 100% integrity in every aspect of our business. As a result, we do not believe in locking you into a contract, but instead are focused on truly serving you and developing long-term relationships by producing consistent results. We have the confidence in our seasoned professional appointment setters, experienced management team and their ability to perform, to be able to make this offer.

100% Integrity. Integrity, honesty, trust, keeping promises, doing the right thing, accountability, responsibility and “The Golden Rule” are the CEO's governing values. The CEO answers to a higher authority and will not tolerate anything less than 100% compliance. Period. These same principles are the cornerstone on which the company is built. All Blue Zebra Appointment Setting team members are in 100% compliance. Some of our clients have used three and four appointment setting firms. They have shared many undesirable experiences and loss of money. As a result, our clients sincerely appreciate our dedication and company-wide commitment to 100% integrity.

What Level Do You Take 100% Integrity? Here is an example of our 100% integrity. In the recent past, prior to a holiday, we were monitoring the metrics and results of three clients in a specific vertical market. Their results were declining. So our project managers or relationship managers called them and suggested they stop and continue after the holidays. Two of the three clients were new and were pleasantly surprised that we would stop our revenue generating machine to provide the best results for them. Our response, in alignment with our core principles, was it was the right thing to do. We treat your campaign and budget as if it was ours. We believe you do the right thing all the time. Period. We are unwavering in our Integrity approach to serving our clients. Our principles are never compromised. Period. 
Do You Provide A Performance Guarantee?
We appreciate your request. At this time, we do not provide a guarantee of performance or a pay-for-performance model nor do we work for a percent of the commissions. We do not provide a guarantee of performance by saying we can produce X amount of appointments per unit of time because there are variables outside our control such as the economy, local market conditions, competition and many other factors including your perceived position in the marketplace. What we have found is that all our clients really want are qualified appointments and a strong ROI. Some of our customers have used three or four appointment setting firms before using our services. They have shared every imaginable horror story and bad experience. In some cases, clients have shared their choice to hunt for a pay-for-performance option only to discover they received many unqualified appointments, and therefore, the ROI was missing. However, we can make it comfortable for you to have us set appointments for you to increase your sales. We can provide proof and evidence that we can produce results with a ROI. The following assurances can be offered as proof that your campaign has a high probability of being successful:

We can provide an accurate estimate of results to expect or qualified appointments per unit of time based on metrics from previous calling campaigns.
We can provide you with as many references as you would like of long-term clients who come back month after month based on results.
We provide four reports, on a daily basis, by 1 PM ET, Report #4 is a report derived from our CRM software that identifies every company we called and accounts for every second and minute of dialing with all the corporate information, contact information, date stamp, time stamp, notes, comments, discussion points and next action steps typed in, plus the ”hang time” or duration of each call.
We offer you a clause in our agreement that allows you to break our agreement at any point in time, for nonperformance, at will, or for any reason whatsoever and you would receive any unspent monies. At this time, not one single client has ever asked for an early termination of the agreement for the initial 50-hour minimum requirement.
Results, Results, Results Focused.

·         We only hire experienced Professional Appointment Setters that have performed in the upper 20% of performance rankings. We verify each Professional Appointment Setters performance with their last three employers, as well as they must pass a rigorous multi-session interview which includes several challenging role playing scenarios. This is where we set the bar. We hire the best-of-the-best, the best-of-breed, the Top Guns in the industry.

·         We require a minimum of 7 to 10 years of business experience. We are not a call center or a “boiler-room” operation. We do not hire people out of high school or college. We feel a certain amount of business savvy and business acumen is necessary to effectively navigate through corporations and to have an intelligent dialogue with top executives, “C”-level executives, middle management and presidents and owners of businesses, and most importantly, to communicate in a confident, professional, conversational-style type of dialogue.

·         We require a minimum of 5 to 7 years of professional appointment setting experience with performance in the upper 20%. Many of our Professional Appointment Setters have 1.5 or twice that amount of experience. What this means to you is the PAS’s are familiar with the concept that it is a numbers game, rejection, voice mail and how to get around gatekeepers and to the decision makers. And they are in the top 20% of performers. 

We match the most appropriate Professional Appointment Setter to the needs of your campaign. Unlike other appointment setting firms, we do not take the next person off the bench or in the queue. Instead, as one of the most critical steps in assuring the success of your project, we evaluate your needs and match the best Professional Appointment Setter based on their background, experience level, skill set and personality.
Quality Assurance. We dedicate a Project Manager to your account for the purpose of meeting or exceeding your expectations in terms of results. The role of the Project Manager is to communicate with you and the Professional Appointment Setter. The Project Manager will talk with you on a regular basis to exchange information in order to accelerate ramp up and climb the learning curve rapidly.

Integrity. Experience. Performance.

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